Monday, July 03, 2006

Game 80 - Tampa Bay (game 11)

Update: Well a good pitched game by Beckett (another Quality Start 11 this year), but the three solos were more than enough against that Sox killer named Kazmir. Speaking of Kazmir. Do you think the Mets are regretting the trade of Kazmir for Zabrano?

ESPN.Com recap can be found here.

Tampa Bay is the next stop in the 10 game road trip that leads to the All Star Game. Am still catching up on some of my data collecting, been hit or miss here for a while as both work and home activities (see below picture) took up some of my spare time. Should be back to a regular type of posting now though.

Beckett goes against Kazmir tonight, the lefty for the Devils has given us fits in the past but the Sox solved him the last game. I haven't seen any starting line up yet but I fully expect it to be Youkilis in the lead off spot tonight.'s preview is here.

Will post more later, but have to go mow the lawn and do some other outside work.

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