Sunday, September 27, 2009

2009 NFL Week 3 Picks

Well, once again it was a 9-7 week. So, we are up 4 games going into week 3 of this season. For comparisons, favorites went 6-8 last week and are 13-19 total while Madden 10 went 8-8 and is 17-15 for the last two weeks. So, what is needed is a really good week, but to be honest I just don't feel it.

Oh, well, here we go, week three - Spread is home team.

Washington at Detroit - 6.5, I'm thinking this is Detroit's best chance to win a game, but the Skins win21-17. Madden 26-24.
Green Bay at St. Louis - 6.5, I have no faith in the Packers yet and the Rams are better than the experts are saying, Green Bay wins 17-14. Madden 30-20.
San Fran at Minnesota - -7.5, Minnesota wins this one 24-17. Madden 21-23.
Atlanta at New England - -4.5, The Falcons can throw the ball, the Pats suck at pass defense, NE wins a shoot out 31-28. Madden 24-34.
Tennessee at NY Jets - -2.5, I think the Jets have a let down and the Titans win this game 17-14. Madden 31-24.
Kansas City at Philadelphia - -9.5, to be honest I have no clue, but lets go with Philly winning 28-21. Madden 20-35.
NY Giants at Tampa Bay - 7.5, Giants roll 28-14. Madden 31-20.
Cleveland at Baltimore - -13.5, Ravens win 28-17. Madden 7-31.
Jacksonville at Houston - -3.5, Houston wins 24-18. Madden 21-30.
New Orleans at Buffalo - 5.5, Saints go marching in with a 30-21 score. Madden 37-24.
Chicago at Seattle - 2.5, I still have no faith in the Bears, they lose 21-17. Madden 20-15.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - 4.5, Steelers roll to a 27-17 win. Madden 34-17.
Denver at Oakland - -1.5, Broncos are playing tight games and this will be another one, Broncos win 21-20. Madden 23-17.
Miami at San Diego - -5.5, Dolphins suck but the cove by losing 28-24. Madden 21-31.
Indianapolis at Arizona - -1.5, Indy wins out right 24-21. Madden 26-31.
Carolina at Dallas - -9.5, Finally Dallas covers at home 35-14. Madden 23-31.

Remember, I am not responsible for any losses if you follow my picks. So don't bet the house.

♊ -   Insanity is part of the times. You must learn to embrace the madness. Let it fire you.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 NFL Week 2 Picks

Here we go. This weeks picks!!!

Last week we went 9-7, the same as Madden 10. Favorites were 7-9.
Looking to do better this week.

Carolina at Atlanta (-6.5), look for the Falcons to win 28-17. Madden - 10-34.
Minnesota (-9.5) at Detroit, I think the Vikings will run the ball at will and win 31-17. Madden - 25-6.
Cincinnati (9.5) at Green Bay, Packers 28-21. Madden - 20-31.
Houston (7.5) at Tennessee, Titans win 21-14. Madden - 16-25.
Oakland at Kansas City (-3.5), Chiefs win 28-24. Madden - 20-30.
NE Patriots (-5.5) at NY Jets, NE blows the trash talking Jets and their coach out of the stadium 35-10. Madden - 34-24.
New Orelans at Philadelphia (-1.5), the Eagles are better than a lot people think so look for a 28-14 win. Madden -45-17.
St. Louis (10.5) at Washington, looking for one of those close games here Skins win 28-24. Madden -10-16.
Arizona (3.5) at Jacksonville, Cardinals win this one 21-14. Madden -23-17.
Seattle (1.5) at San Francisco, Seahawks win this one 21-17. Madden -20-15.
Tampa Bay at Buffalo (-4.5), Bills are better than the Bucs and prove it at home by winning 27-14. Madden -12-10.
Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Chicago, defending champs run rough shod of the Erlacherless Bears, 35-10. Madden -32-17.
Cleveland (3.5) at Denver, Broncos win a tight one 24-21. Madden -16-20.
Baltimore (4.5) at San Diego, this game is left to the defenses, Baltimore loses 14-10. Madden -20-23.
NY Giants at Dallas (-2.5), first game at the new stadium has my Cowboys winning this one 35-28. Madden -21-24.
Indianapolis (-3.5) at Miami, Colts get the offense running and win this 28-17. Madden -31-21.

There you go, remember I am not responsible if you lose your house by following my picks!!!

♊ -   Insanity is part of the times. You must learn to embrace the madness. Let it fire you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 NFL Week 1

Ok, so Thursday nights game was pretty good and we start the weekend up a win. So, lets go for the Sunday and Monday games:

Miami at Atlanta - 4.5, going with the Atlanta 21-14. Madden 10 has it 21-19 Atlanta
Denver at Cincy - 3.5, going with Cincy to cover - 24-14. Madden - 17-9
Minnesota at Cleveland - -3.5, going with Minnesota behind Favre winning this one 31-10. Madden - 28-10
Jacksonville at Indianapolis - 6.5, another slow start for Manning and the Colts win 21-17. Madden - 34-20
Detroit at New Orleans - 11.5, New Orleans is good (like play off bound) and Detroit is well, Detroit but the Saints only crawl in the dome, NO 17-10. Madden - 28-3
Dallas at Tampa Bay - -3.5, Romo is like amazing in Sept., Oct., and Nov. and I am looking for that trend to continue, Dallas 35-21. Madden - 35-28
Philadelphia at Carolina - .5, nip and tuck game but McNabb wins it late 21-17. Madden - 31-24 Philly.
KC at Baltimore - 8.5, KC sucks, Ravens are good, but Cassel sparks the Chiefs to a 21-17 win. Madden - 27-3 Ravens
NY Jets at Houston - 4.5, Rookie quarterback spells trouble for the J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S. Houston 28-7. Madden - Jets 30 - Houston 24.
Washington at NY Giants - 6.5, NFC East match up means no blow out, Giants 17-14. Madden 21-16
San Fran at Arizona - 6.5, no super bowl hang over for the Cards as they blow out SF 31-3. Madden 24-17 San Fran
St. Louis at Seattle - 7.5, St. Louis can only manage a FG, Seahawks 21-3. Madden 26-10
Chicago at Green Bay - 3.5, Cutler is good but I'm looking for Green Bay to choke a close game, Chi-town wins 21-18. Madden - 30-27 GB.
Buffalo at NE Patriots - 10.5, the high powered Patriots blow out Buffalo 38-10. Madden - 28-25 Patriots.
San Diego at Oakland - -6.5, the worst game of the week end. San Diego blows this game as Raiders win in a shoot out 35-31. Madden - 45-7 SD.

Friday, September 11, 2009

2009 Red Sox Game 140 Preview

Ok, so tonight it is Shields vs Lester at the Fens, 7:10.

Hmm, just noticing, he doesn't seem to be called big game James anymore, hmm.

Be there or be ...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009 NFL Week 1 - Thursday Game

Ok, it is on, the NFL starts its 09 season tonight and it is time to make some picks.

First - Madden 10 has the Titans winning 35-28. Umm, not sure I agree with that one.

I think it will be Steelers 28 - Titans 24, with the spread being 5.5 the Titans cover.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

2009 Red Sox Game 132 Preview

Beckett vs Garza at the Trop, 7:08 eastern.

Like says, Beckett has sucked lately. As in royally sucked lately. Don't believe me just look at these starts, and compare them to his first 23 starts. A 3.10 ERA vs a 9.82 ERA which raises his overall ERA to a less than mediocre 3.80 ERA. I just want captain kick A** back.

Garza has been good at home and especially good in his career vs the Sox. Here is home that he does not live up to his previous excellence.

Be there or be ...