Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Misc. Post on 1/30/2008

Freaking Cobwebs!!!!
Well we can't really blame funks or anything else on this break, just the what the heck am I going to write about / well that sucked type of thing. Have been looking at some numbers from the James hand book and also catching up on some reading that needed to be done. Oh, also B-fly and I have been enjoying the Dresden Files that was the Christmas gift from BH.

Ok, ok, that is no excuse but it is the only ones I am going to give you.

Good win by the Celtics last night and it looks like the Johan sweepstakes have been won by the NY Mets. Personally, just looking at the prospects that the Mets gave up, you have to think that the Twins blew this deal. The Lester, Coco, etal or the Yankees package was better for than Twins than this group of players. That of course is without me looking at any numbers, so, just like football picks, you should probably just ignore this statement by yours truly. Will be interesting to see the results of this trade in three years.

Oh, one more thing, another pic of the dog!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Misc. Post on 1/16/2008

Ok, so I have been in a funk.

I get that way when my Cowboys decide to lose a game at home in the play offs. Needless to say my predictions for the Sunday NFL games was, well way off. I still haven't really figured out how the Chargers beat the Colts with LT basically not providing anything and after Rivers went out of the game I thought they were absolutely toast. Norv Turner (who I of course liked until he went to Washington) has done a tremendous job with the Chargers this year. No way they beat the Patriots on this coming Sunday though, absolutely, positively no way.

As for the Cowboy game, give me a fragging break. I knew the team was in trouble when they allowed the Giants to score just before half time to tie the game at 14 all. What a fragging waste of a season (I knew I should have listened to my head). Oh well, that pretty much kills the football watching until next fall. Will have to see if I really have the time (ok, I will probably make the time) to watch games that I have no rooting interests in either team.

Hmm, I would get all indignant or up in arms about the Celtics losing back-to-back games to the Wizards, but I really can't get that upset about those games. I think that both games did show that Mr. Danny Ainge will need to get a quality back up point guard before the trading deadline. I think that if Rajon Rondo had been 80 to 100% healthy the C's would not have lost both of those fourth quarter leads. The problem is I don't see a lot of room in the salary cap scenarios for the Celtics to get a quality back up point guard.

Speaking of the Celtics they have a game tonight against a blistering hot Trail Blazer team which has gone 18-2 in their last twenty games. No Rajon, probably again tonight though as the back and a hamstring are causing the Celtics to put him at 50-50 status. If I'm Mr. Doc Rivers I think I would start House, but he probably goes with Allen. Will have to see. The Boston Herald preview for tonight’s game is here.

Well, with football winding down it is time to start looking at the College Basketball schedules. So far the Arkansas Razorbacks have done pretty well. Currently they have a 13-3 record with their last win being an overtime thriller against Alabama at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville. That makes them 2-0 in the SEC and I really think that they need to be either 1st or 2nd in the SEC west if they want to guarantee a March Madness appearance. They also have a game tonight against South Carolina.

I really don't know much about the Gamecocks except that they are only 8-8 overall with an 0-2 record in the SEC. This is the SEC though, so every game is usually competitive. Will be following this game on the olde game tracker for sure tonight. Sure would be nice if the Pigs were able to start their SEC season off with a 3-0 record.

Enough for now, just remember - ♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.

oh one more thing - a pic of the dog:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Misc. Post on 1/13/2008 (Cowboys, Celtics, Patriots and oh my)

Well, you knew it couldn't last forever and last night for the first time this season the Celtics lost the second game of a back to back. Looking at the box score for this game what really stands out is that the Wizards were able to force fouls which turned into a 10 point advantage from the line. Also for the second game in a row the Celtics were manhandled on the boards. This game was not a typical game for this team this year. Oh well, you can't win them all (unless you are the Patriots).

Yesterday the frozen tundra of Lambeau field was on full display as the Packers simply blew away the Seahawks. If you remember I said this game might become a blow out, I just didn't think that the Packers would do it after being down 14 in the first two minutes of the game. Simply outstanding job by Favre and company. Final in this game was 42-20 (my prediction 24-18).

As for the perfect Patriots, well they almost got a perfect game from the wonder boy as he went 24 / 26 in his pass attempts. The defense did just enough to provide the final cushion of 31-20 (my prediction 31-16). Not bad at all for the Patriots.

Today is another football day as first the Colts take on the Chargers in Indianapolis at 1:00 p.m., followed by the Giants visiting the Cowboys at 4:30 p.m., hmmm, I wonder who I'm picking in that game.

First let's look at the Colts game. This is a rematch of these two teams, who played in week 10 in San Diego. You may remember that game as the Peyton interception game (6), or maybe the Vinatari blew one game. Whichever one pleases you the most, feel free to use, but I think the Chargers have a chance to actually win this game. The key will be whether the Colts can contain Ladamian Tomlinson without Dwight Freeney and force Rivers into being the key player for the Chargers. I say they don't contain LT and Rivers is just good enough to make this a shoot out. Colts in a nail biter win 35 to 31.

The last game of the day has the Dallas Cowboys facing the New York Giants. Will Jessica be at the stadium? How is Romo's thumb? Will Terrel Owens be effective playing with his "high" ankle sprain? Beats the frag out of me. These questions along with the whole hard to beat a team three times in a season worry me though. My head says the Cowboys will lose a heartbreaker 21-17, but my heart says Cowboys win 31-24. Lets go with the heart!

♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Misc. Post on 1/12/2008

Well, the NFL playoffs ramp up again today. After my 2-2 record last week in the wild card round, well you know that I am not going to win you any money so, reader beware.

First up is the Seahawks vs Packers game. The Packers are a good team and will be rested, healthy and raring to go at 4:30 p.m.. I would not be surprised to see this game become a blow out, but will go with Packers 24 - Seahawks 18.

The second game is at 8:00 and has the Jaguars vs the Patriots. Patriots 31 - Jags. 15.

That is is for now, peace and love.

Celtics 07-08 Season Game 34

22-25-16-23 = 86
30-14-24-9 = 77 Recap

Quarter by quarter score of game 34, as once again the Celtics avoided a two game losing streak. Due to other obligations, mainly sleep, I was unable to watch the first three quarters of this game, so I have no idea what this team looked like on the defensive end of the court in the first half, or how they were able to turn an eight point deficit into a three point lead at half time. In fact I can't even tell you what the third quarter looked like as the Nets took a five point lead into the fourth.

So, state all of the above, why am I even talking about this game? Well, I did watch the fourth quarter and I would love to say that the Celtics clamped down and played tough defense in the fourth, but the reality is that the Nets went cold, as cold a winter storm in the northeast.

Twelve seconds into the fourth quarter Glen "big baby" Davis committed an offensive foul and the Nets took their biggest lead of the fourth when they made the lay up to make the lead 63-70 at the 11:37 mark. The Celtics then went on a 13-0 run that secured this game. How did that lead unfold? Well, lets look at the play by play to see what the Nets did on each offensive possession from that point on:

  1. Nachbar misses 3-pointer, offensive rebound by Collins who is fouled by Pierce.
  2. Collins misses both free throws and Posey rebounds the ball. (65-70)
  3. Richard Jefferson misses driving lay up. (67-70)
  4. Nachbar misses 3-pointer, Paul Pierce defensive rebound. (67-70)
  5. Vince Carter misses 3-pointer, House defensive rebound. (69-70)
  6. Jefferson misses 22 foot jumper, Davis defensive rebound. (69-70)
  7. Kidd bad pass, Posey steals. (69-70)
  8. Jefferson bad pass. (71-70)
  9. Boone bad pass. (71-70)
  10. Davis blocks Kidd layup, Boone offensive rebound, Boone misses layup, Kidd offensive rebound, Jefferson misses layup, offensive rebound, Wright loose ball foul. (73-70)
Now just look at that, four missed layups and three missed 3-pointers. It is hard to sustain a lead when you are missing layups. It is also hard to maintain a lead if you are going to go 9-24 from the free throw line. As good as the Celtics played, it was the ineptness of the Nets that allowed them to win this game. Maybe the Nets were tired and ran out of gas in the fourth, but you should still make free throws and convert on lay ups. This was one game that the Celtics should have lost, but they found a way to win with a little bit of help from their opponent. I will take it!!!

From - Celtics tie best record after 34 games!

Celtics Turning 30
Boston's 86-77 win over New Jersey gave the Celtics their 30th win after 34 games, tying the fastest a Celtics team reached win No. 30. Here's a look at the Celtics' teams that reached 30 wins the quickest:
Celtics team
Game # of 30th win
Final record
* = Won NBA title

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Celtics 07-08 Season Game 32

Gonna keep on dancin' to the rock and roll On Saturday night, Saturday night Dancin' to the rhythm in our heart and soul
On Saturday Night, Saturday night
IIIII just can't wait,
IIII got a date's recap

Because I just don't buy the round two / boxing gloves hitting each other that comcast sports was selling last night. Still I have to admit that the game did resemble a boxing match in some aspects. First you had the knockdown in the first quarter when the Pistons went on a 15-0 run after KG went to the bench with his second foul (7:33 of the first). The score at the time of the foul 10-5. Of course this was part of the 17-0 run that basically finished off the first quarter as it took 7:69 between baskets for the Celtics in that quarter.

A knockdown in the first but the Celtics didn't waste much time in coming back in the second quarter. At 9:45 KG returned to the game (17-28). Four minutes later after a Ray Allen three pointer it was 31-32 and the effects of the knockdown had been completely erased. With :38 seconds left in the half the Celtics had came all the way back following a Pierce three pointer. 41-41 and not much time left in the half. Clearly the momentum had came full circle as the C's trailed by two going into the half.

The third quarter started with the Pistons allowing a basket to tie the game at the 11:00 minute mark but then quickly established a lead and extended it to as much as six points. With the clock showing 6:07, the Celtics finally took a lead in this quarter on a KG jumper, 53-52.

Personally I always think that basketball games are games of runs (it only takes two stops to have a 9-0 run with the three pointer), and this game was living up to that rational. The only worry I have about trading runs is if the team can take the lead. I never like it when a team gets close but can't seem to get over the hump. By taking the lead even if it was short lived (and it was short lived), I felt better about this game.

The teams basically traded baskets the rest of the third with no team getting more than four points ahead and the quarter ended with a three point deficit at 63-66. An entertaining game that kept you on the edge of your seats. The game had a playoff feel and the teams played like it was June not January as every shot was contested (mostly) the defense was keeping both teams at the 40% area and after that 17-0 run in the first neither team was able to put a prolonged run together.

The fourth quarter looked the same as the first three until the 6:54 mark. The Celtics finally took the lead and never looked back on two Garnett free throws. The lead would grow to four then fall back to one (81-80) but would never disappear. The key in this quarter, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, who scored 16 of his 20 points in the quarter. Starting at 5:54 of the quarter the Celtic scoring went:

  • GD - Layup and one (79-74)
  • Pierce dunk (on a beautiful steal) (81-76)
  • GD - Driving layup and one (84-80)
  • Tony Allen - two free throws (86-80)
  • GD - Layup but missed the free throw (88-84)
  • GD - Layup (90-85)
  • Tony Allen - two free throws (92-85)

So out of the last 16 points "Big Baby" scored 10! Big contribution by the rookie, big contribution. A good win for the Celtics! Below stats from the Daily dime.

Boston's Not There Yet
By Adam S. Reisinger ESPN Research
The Celtics matched the best start through 30 games in NBA history with their 27th win Wednesday night. Five previous teams had started 27-3. Two of them (the '90-91 Blazers and the '71-72 Knicks) lost their 31st game to fall to 27-4. The other 3 teams … well, they took a while to suffer that fourth loss, so don't break out the champagne for the Celtics (27-3 entering Friday's game with Memphis) just yet.

Notably, all three of these teams set the single-season record for wins. The 76ers won 68 games, the Lakers broke that by winning 69, then the Bulls surpassed that mark, going 72-10.

Most Wins Before Fourth Loss
YearTeam W-L
'95-96 Bulls 41-3
'71-72 Lakers 39-3
'66-6776ers 37-3

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Misc. Post on the 5th

Well another day has come and gone and another win by the Celtics last night. The good times just keep on rolling for the Celtics! Key in this game was Tony Allen coming off the bench and providing a spark and a scoring punch. As for Ray Allen only scoring 2 points, hey if he keeps on seeing the shot in sporadic bursts then he will continue to struggle, still he did have 5 assists so he is contributing.

Wild card weekend is here for the NFL. My picks:

  1. Seattle beats Washington - 20-13.

  2. Pittsburgh edges Jacksonville - 16-14.

  3. Tampa beats NY - 24-10.

  4. San Diego edges Tennessee - 31-28.

On a sad note, the blogosphere (and red sox nation) lost a voice earlier this year. Maj. Andrew Olmstead was killed in Iraq. Below is a picture of the Major with his wife. Rest in peace Major, and our hearts go out to your wife and family.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Misc. Post on the 3rd

Well not much going on sport in sports tonight. It's a slow night here at the s1c household also as I am just kicking back and listening to the radio (Dennis Miller will be on in 15 minutes). Right now a good part of the country has their eyes turned toward Iowa. I am sorry, but I could really, really, care less right now about Iowa.

There is one Bowl game tonight in that little town called Miami. Kansas is playing Virginia Tech. I think that Tech wins this one 35-31. That is all for now!!

Oh one other thing, is stating that Clemens told Wallace he took shots of B-12 and Lidocane. Yeah, right, I really believe you Rahger!

07/08 Celtics Game 30

Well at the time of this post West Virginia is just crushing Oklahoma. There goes that pick. Oh well, it is a good thing that no one is counting on my picks to make some pocket change. The regular season was screwy and now the bowl games are being screwy. You have to love college football.

Hmm, 20-point lead disappears and with 6:58 left in the game you are trailing your opponent (a visiting team) 84-81. What do you do? Well if you are the 27-3 Celtics you climb on the back of Kevin Garnett and let him carry you to the finish line.

A quick look at the final minutes shows that KG took six of the last twelve shots making five of those attempts. Add in his free throw and that is eleven of the last sixteen points scored by the Celtics in this game. There were two key things that stood out in this last dash for the win though:

  1. Ray Allen continues to do the little things as he grabbed two offensive boards in the last two minutes of the game. Both led to KG baskets with Paul Pierce getting the assists.
  2. Five of the last seven baskets had an assist associated with them, with four of those assists provided by PP.

That second item is something that I have noticed in this spectacular run so far this season. This team is comfortable with passing the ball to the open man in tight games. You have to have faith in your teammates if you expect to do well in the NBA and it is obvious that this team has faith in each other. Another good win for the Celtics.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Misc. Post on the 2nd!

Ok, so yesterday my football picks again stunk. What made me think that Hawaii could beat Georgia? How in the world did I pick a team with an interim coach, my beloved Hogs, and think they could beat Missouri? Those are the two biggest mistakes and of course since I was so stupid I went 2-4 as opposed to 4-2. Grrr.

The good news today, is that the soap opera of northwest Arkansas is finally over and hopefully the team can rebound from this fiasco and start to be a consistent winner again. Unfortunately, I think that the new coach will only be around just long enough to win a couple of SEC West titles and then will take his Larry Brown / Saban like ways to some other green grass program. Oh well, will have to see.

Meanwhile tonight we have the #9 West Virginia Mountaineers (10-2) vs the #4 Oklahoma Sooners (11-2) in the Fiesta bowl. Not for sure about this game but I am going to give the edge to Oklahoma, lets go with 24-23 for the Sooners.

Other than that bold predicition, not much else is happening (though the Celtics are playing well as we speak), so will say hasta la vista for now!

Oh yeah, I added a couple of new links, be sure and check them out!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 - Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year and may 2008 bring you everything you desire.

Well, looking at yesterday's bowls you can see why I do not bet on College Football. Sheesh, 2 and 4. Still, it is a new year and there is hope for new beginnings. So, let us look at today's bowl Games!

First up on the schedule is the Outback bowl which has #18 Wisconsin (9-3) playing #16 Tennessee (9-4). The Volunteers have speed and the Badgers are plodders. I go with speed here and say the Vols 31 to 17 over the Badgers.

Shades of old its Arkansas (8-4) in the Cotton Bowl! Who are they playing? Well it is #6 Missouri Tigers (11-2). Hmmm, I wonder who I picked (look to the right - ed). Missouri has speed, throws the ball and scores a ton of points each game, however, Oklahoma owned them this year. Arkansas has a defense, plays in the tough SEC and oh yeah, some junior running back that has place 2nd in the heisman trophy balloting the last two years. This game will be a barn burner. Arkansas 42 and Missouri 34.

Gator bowl has Texas Tech (8-4) vs #20 Virginia (9-3). Va blows this game open late and wins 28 to 17.

Capital One bowl is another Big 10 vs SEC match up. Florida (9-3) has this QB who did something special this year, 20/20 man will lead the Gators over the Michigan Wolverines (8-4) with a 35 - 21 outcome.

Rose Bowl has #13 Illinois (9-3) vs #7 USC (10-2) playing at 4:30. USC romps 35-17.

Our final Bowl game of the day is the Sugar Bowl. #10 Hawaii (12-0) is playing #5 Georgia (10-2). The only loss for the SEC today is this game in a tough nail biter Hawaii wins 31-28!!!

Happy New YEAR!!!!!!