Saturday, January 05, 2008

Misc. Post on the 5th

Well another day has come and gone and another win by the Celtics last night. The good times just keep on rolling for the Celtics! Key in this game was Tony Allen coming off the bench and providing a spark and a scoring punch. As for Ray Allen only scoring 2 points, hey if he keeps on seeing the shot in sporadic bursts then he will continue to struggle, still he did have 5 assists so he is contributing.

Wild card weekend is here for the NFL. My picks:

  1. Seattle beats Washington - 20-13.

  2. Pittsburgh edges Jacksonville - 16-14.

  3. Tampa beats NY - 24-10.

  4. San Diego edges Tennessee - 31-28.

On a sad note, the blogosphere (and red sox nation) lost a voice earlier this year. Maj. Andrew Olmstead was killed in Iraq. Below is a picture of the Major with his wife. Rest in peace Major, and our hearts go out to your wife and family.

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