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Celtics 07-08 Season Game 34

22-25-16-23 = 86
30-14-24-9 = 77 Recap

Quarter by quarter score of game 34, as once again the Celtics avoided a two game losing streak. Due to other obligations, mainly sleep, I was unable to watch the first three quarters of this game, so I have no idea what this team looked like on the defensive end of the court in the first half, or how they were able to turn an eight point deficit into a three point lead at half time. In fact I can't even tell you what the third quarter looked like as the Nets took a five point lead into the fourth.

So, state all of the above, why am I even talking about this game? Well, I did watch the fourth quarter and I would love to say that the Celtics clamped down and played tough defense in the fourth, but the reality is that the Nets went cold, as cold a winter storm in the northeast.

Twelve seconds into the fourth quarter Glen "big baby" Davis committed an offensive foul and the Nets took their biggest lead of the fourth when they made the lay up to make the lead 63-70 at the 11:37 mark. The Celtics then went on a 13-0 run that secured this game. How did that lead unfold? Well, lets look at the play by play to see what the Nets did on each offensive possession from that point on:

  1. Nachbar misses 3-pointer, offensive rebound by Collins who is fouled by Pierce.
  2. Collins misses both free throws and Posey rebounds the ball. (65-70)
  3. Richard Jefferson misses driving lay up. (67-70)
  4. Nachbar misses 3-pointer, Paul Pierce defensive rebound. (67-70)
  5. Vince Carter misses 3-pointer, House defensive rebound. (69-70)
  6. Jefferson misses 22 foot jumper, Davis defensive rebound. (69-70)
  7. Kidd bad pass, Posey steals. (69-70)
  8. Jefferson bad pass. (71-70)
  9. Boone bad pass. (71-70)
  10. Davis blocks Kidd layup, Boone offensive rebound, Boone misses layup, Kidd offensive rebound, Jefferson misses layup, offensive rebound, Wright loose ball foul. (73-70)
Now just look at that, four missed layups and three missed 3-pointers. It is hard to sustain a lead when you are missing layups. It is also hard to maintain a lead if you are going to go 9-24 from the free throw line. As good as the Celtics played, it was the ineptness of the Nets that allowed them to win this game. Maybe the Nets were tired and ran out of gas in the fourth, but you should still make free throws and convert on lay ups. This was one game that the Celtics should have lost, but they found a way to win with a little bit of help from their opponent. I will take it!!!

From - Celtics tie best record after 34 games!

Celtics Turning 30
Boston's 86-77 win over New Jersey gave the Celtics their 30th win after 34 games, tying the fastest a Celtics team reached win No. 30. Here's a look at the Celtics' teams that reached 30 wins the quickest:
Celtics team
Game # of 30th win
Final record
* = Won NBA title

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