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Celtics 07-08 Season Game 32

Gonna keep on dancin' to the rock and roll On Saturday night, Saturday night Dancin' to the rhythm in our heart and soul
On Saturday Night, Saturday night
IIIII just can't wait,
IIII got a date's recap

Because I just don't buy the round two / boxing gloves hitting each other that comcast sports was selling last night. Still I have to admit that the game did resemble a boxing match in some aspects. First you had the knockdown in the first quarter when the Pistons went on a 15-0 run after KG went to the bench with his second foul (7:33 of the first). The score at the time of the foul 10-5. Of course this was part of the 17-0 run that basically finished off the first quarter as it took 7:69 between baskets for the Celtics in that quarter.

A knockdown in the first but the Celtics didn't waste much time in coming back in the second quarter. At 9:45 KG returned to the game (17-28). Four minutes later after a Ray Allen three pointer it was 31-32 and the effects of the knockdown had been completely erased. With :38 seconds left in the half the Celtics had came all the way back following a Pierce three pointer. 41-41 and not much time left in the half. Clearly the momentum had came full circle as the C's trailed by two going into the half.

The third quarter started with the Pistons allowing a basket to tie the game at the 11:00 minute mark but then quickly established a lead and extended it to as much as six points. With the clock showing 6:07, the Celtics finally took a lead in this quarter on a KG jumper, 53-52.

Personally I always think that basketball games are games of runs (it only takes two stops to have a 9-0 run with the three pointer), and this game was living up to that rational. The only worry I have about trading runs is if the team can take the lead. I never like it when a team gets close but can't seem to get over the hump. By taking the lead even if it was short lived (and it was short lived), I felt better about this game.

The teams basically traded baskets the rest of the third with no team getting more than four points ahead and the quarter ended with a three point deficit at 63-66. An entertaining game that kept you on the edge of your seats. The game had a playoff feel and the teams played like it was June not January as every shot was contested (mostly) the defense was keeping both teams at the 40% area and after that 17-0 run in the first neither team was able to put a prolonged run together.

The fourth quarter looked the same as the first three until the 6:54 mark. The Celtics finally took the lead and never looked back on two Garnett free throws. The lead would grow to four then fall back to one (81-80) but would never disappear. The key in this quarter, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, who scored 16 of his 20 points in the quarter. Starting at 5:54 of the quarter the Celtic scoring went:

  • GD - Layup and one (79-74)
  • Pierce dunk (on a beautiful steal) (81-76)
  • GD - Driving layup and one (84-80)
  • Tony Allen - two free throws (86-80)
  • GD - Layup but missed the free throw (88-84)
  • GD - Layup (90-85)
  • Tony Allen - two free throws (92-85)

So out of the last 16 points "Big Baby" scored 10! Big contribution by the rookie, big contribution. A good win for the Celtics! Below stats from the Daily dime.

Boston's Not There Yet
By Adam S. Reisinger ESPN Research
The Celtics matched the best start through 30 games in NBA history with their 27th win Wednesday night. Five previous teams had started 27-3. Two of them (the '90-91 Blazers and the '71-72 Knicks) lost their 31st game to fall to 27-4. The other 3 teams … well, they took a while to suffer that fourth loss, so don't break out the champagne for the Celtics (27-3 entering Friday's game with Memphis) just yet.

Notably, all three of these teams set the single-season record for wins. The 76ers won 68 games, the Lakers broke that by winning 69, then the Bulls surpassed that mark, going 72-10.

Most Wins Before Fourth Loss
YearTeam W-L
'95-96 Bulls 41-3
'71-72 Lakers 39-3
'66-6776ers 37-3

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