Sunday, January 13, 2008

Misc. Post on 1/13/2008 (Cowboys, Celtics, Patriots and oh my)

Well, you knew it couldn't last forever and last night for the first time this season the Celtics lost the second game of a back to back. Looking at the box score for this game what really stands out is that the Wizards were able to force fouls which turned into a 10 point advantage from the line. Also for the second game in a row the Celtics were manhandled on the boards. This game was not a typical game for this team this year. Oh well, you can't win them all (unless you are the Patriots).

Yesterday the frozen tundra of Lambeau field was on full display as the Packers simply blew away the Seahawks. If you remember I said this game might become a blow out, I just didn't think that the Packers would do it after being down 14 in the first two minutes of the game. Simply outstanding job by Favre and company. Final in this game was 42-20 (my prediction 24-18).

As for the perfect Patriots, well they almost got a perfect game from the wonder boy as he went 24 / 26 in his pass attempts. The defense did just enough to provide the final cushion of 31-20 (my prediction 31-16). Not bad at all for the Patriots.

Today is another football day as first the Colts take on the Chargers in Indianapolis at 1:00 p.m., followed by the Giants visiting the Cowboys at 4:30 p.m., hmmm, I wonder who I'm picking in that game.

First let's look at the Colts game. This is a rematch of these two teams, who played in week 10 in San Diego. You may remember that game as the Peyton interception game (6), or maybe the Vinatari blew one game. Whichever one pleases you the most, feel free to use, but I think the Chargers have a chance to actually win this game. The key will be whether the Colts can contain Ladamian Tomlinson without Dwight Freeney and force Rivers into being the key player for the Chargers. I say they don't contain LT and Rivers is just good enough to make this a shoot out. Colts in a nail biter win 35 to 31.

The last game of the day has the Dallas Cowboys facing the New York Giants. Will Jessica be at the stadium? How is Romo's thumb? Will Terrel Owens be effective playing with his "high" ankle sprain? Beats the frag out of me. These questions along with the whole hard to beat a team three times in a season worry me though. My head says the Cowboys will lose a heartbreaker 21-17, but my heart says Cowboys win 31-24. Lets go with the heart!

♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.


Dave D said...

Wow. Can't get much closer than your pick on the Cowboys-Giants game. Congrats on the pick ... and condolences on the loss.

s1c said...

condolences on the loss.

That is what beer is for!