Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 NFL Week 2 Picks

Here we go. This weeks picks!!!

Last week we went 9-7, the same as Madden 10. Favorites were 7-9.
Looking to do better this week.

Carolina at Atlanta (-6.5), look for the Falcons to win 28-17. Madden - 10-34.
Minnesota (-9.5) at Detroit, I think the Vikings will run the ball at will and win 31-17. Madden - 25-6.
Cincinnati (9.5) at Green Bay, Packers 28-21. Madden - 20-31.
Houston (7.5) at Tennessee, Titans win 21-14. Madden - 16-25.
Oakland at Kansas City (-3.5), Chiefs win 28-24. Madden - 20-30.
NE Patriots (-5.5) at NY Jets, NE blows the trash talking Jets and their coach out of the stadium 35-10. Madden - 34-24.
New Orelans at Philadelphia (-1.5), the Eagles are better than a lot people think so look for a 28-14 win. Madden -45-17.
St. Louis (10.5) at Washington, looking for one of those close games here Skins win 28-24. Madden -10-16.
Arizona (3.5) at Jacksonville, Cardinals win this one 21-14. Madden -23-17.
Seattle (1.5) at San Francisco, Seahawks win this one 21-17. Madden -20-15.
Tampa Bay at Buffalo (-4.5), Bills are better than the Bucs and prove it at home by winning 27-14. Madden -12-10.
Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Chicago, defending champs run rough shod of the Erlacherless Bears, 35-10. Madden -32-17.
Cleveland (3.5) at Denver, Broncos win a tight one 24-21. Madden -16-20.
Baltimore (4.5) at San Diego, this game is left to the defenses, Baltimore loses 14-10. Madden -20-23.
NY Giants at Dallas (-2.5), first game at the new stadium has my Cowboys winning this one 35-28. Madden -21-24.
Indianapolis (-3.5) at Miami, Colts get the offense running and win this 28-17. Madden -31-21.

There you go, remember I am not responsible if you lose your house by following my picks!!!

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