Sunday, September 27, 2009

2009 NFL Week 3 Picks

Well, once again it was a 9-7 week. So, we are up 4 games going into week 3 of this season. For comparisons, favorites went 6-8 last week and are 13-19 total while Madden 10 went 8-8 and is 17-15 for the last two weeks. So, what is needed is a really good week, but to be honest I just don't feel it.

Oh, well, here we go, week three - Spread is home team.

Washington at Detroit - 6.5, I'm thinking this is Detroit's best chance to win a game, but the Skins win21-17. Madden 26-24.
Green Bay at St. Louis - 6.5, I have no faith in the Packers yet and the Rams are better than the experts are saying, Green Bay wins 17-14. Madden 30-20.
San Fran at Minnesota - -7.5, Minnesota wins this one 24-17. Madden 21-23.
Atlanta at New England - -4.5, The Falcons can throw the ball, the Pats suck at pass defense, NE wins a shoot out 31-28. Madden 24-34.
Tennessee at NY Jets - -2.5, I think the Jets have a let down and the Titans win this game 17-14. Madden 31-24.
Kansas City at Philadelphia - -9.5, to be honest I have no clue, but lets go with Philly winning 28-21. Madden 20-35.
NY Giants at Tampa Bay - 7.5, Giants roll 28-14. Madden 31-20.
Cleveland at Baltimore - -13.5, Ravens win 28-17. Madden 7-31.
Jacksonville at Houston - -3.5, Houston wins 24-18. Madden 21-30.
New Orleans at Buffalo - 5.5, Saints go marching in with a 30-21 score. Madden 37-24.
Chicago at Seattle - 2.5, I still have no faith in the Bears, they lose 21-17. Madden 20-15.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - 4.5, Steelers roll to a 27-17 win. Madden 34-17.
Denver at Oakland - -1.5, Broncos are playing tight games and this will be another one, Broncos win 21-20. Madden 23-17.
Miami at San Diego - -5.5, Dolphins suck but the cove by losing 28-24. Madden 21-31.
Indianapolis at Arizona - -1.5, Indy wins out right 24-21. Madden 26-31.
Carolina at Dallas - -9.5, Finally Dallas covers at home 35-14. Madden 23-31.

Remember, I am not responsible for any losses if you follow my picks. So don't bet the house.

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