Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2009 NCAA BB Picks Otherwise Known As March Madness

Here we go

Midwest - Sweet 16
Louisville beats Siena, Wake over Utah, Kansas beats W. Va. and Mich. St. over USC.

West - Sweet 16
Uconn over BYU, Purdue beats Washington, Missouri over Utah St. and Memphis beats Cal.

East - Sweet 16
Pitt beats Tenn, Xavier over FSU, Nova beats UCLA and Duke over Texas.

South - Sweet 16
UNC over Butler, Gonzaga beats W. Ky., Syracuse over Temple and Oklahoma beats Clemson.

Great 8's
Louisville, Michigan St., Purdue, Memphis, Pitt, Nova, UNC and Oklahoma.

Final 4
Louisville, Memphis, Pitt and UNC.

Champ - Louisville beats UNC by 9.

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