Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2009 March Madness Final

Ok, so I didn't pick the winner, but I did have the Tar Heels in the Final, I just figured it would be Louisville instead of Michigan State facing them. Oh, well, the fragging Heels won. I really, really, really hate North Carolina and the ACC (except for Duke). Still you have to give them their due, the Heels and the ACC have now beaten Big Ten teams 5 times in the championship game since 1985. They are now 7-5 in Championship games since the first 64/65 teams of march madness and they are tied with Duke for the most championships since that time.

Number two conference is SEC with a 5-3 record (Arkansas 1, Kentucky 2 and Florida 2). It would be nice to see the SEC bounce back this coming year, but I just don't see it. Oh, Well!!!

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