Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 NFL Week 17 Preview

ok - 4-12 last week - uGLY -

This week is the last week and we have 113 winners going into the week - hmmm, lets see will need to go 15-1 this week just to break even - ugly - - - --

oh well - this week we are going with Indianapolis -2.5, Jacksonville 1.5, Chicago -3.5, San Francisco -7.5, Pittsburgh -2.5, NY Giants 8.5, Atlanta -2.5, New Orleans 2.5, NE Patriots 7.5, Philadelphia 2.5, Arizona -3.5, San Diego -4.5, Tennessee -4.5, Oakland 10.5, Kansas City 12.5 and Cincinnati 9.5.

Once again, unable to find the Madden 2010 link - will keep looking but am using the Accuscore for his picks. Oh, yeah with 128 picks you could have done worse this year.


john brown said...

hey, like the site... but Gay cowboys and redsox couldn't think of another bad team to like? I'm a Giants and Met fan, so atleast we are both Yankee haters!

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