Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Sox 2010 Season Game 9 - Sox vs Twins (Sox 4-4)

Wakefield vs Liriano at Target Field, third straight series where this is the rubber game. Game 3 of 3 for this series (1-1), 3rd game of 5 in season (1-1), game 6 of 6 on road trip (3-2). Preview has this quote talking about playing time - "It's not fantasy baseball, and it's not like chess pieces," he said. "Guys need time to settle in. If I don't let them settle in, it's just going to prolong what we're going through."

Papi will sit vs the lefty and Papi should sit. I see platoon becoming a thing for the DH on this team. 1ish, be there or be ...

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