Friday, April 14, 2006

Sox 4/13/2006 - Toronto

ESPN Box Score

Blue Jays - 060 011 000 - 8 12 1
Red Sox - 100 000 023 - 6 9 0
I can't stand Clement, this guy will drive me crazy this year like last year. See, its really simple, Varitek throws the ball to you, he puts down the sign, you shake your head yes and then you rock and fire. Throw strikes and you will be successful, but if you keep on being 3 and 1 or 3 and 2 on a hitter he's going to grand slam you. Jeez, quit laboring too, 2nd inning you had those deer in the headlights look again. Throw the d*** ball.

That second inning just killed the team, and you just knew that Lily was going to throw another gem. You have to wonder why the Yankees never have offered anything for this Sox killer. Put him and Randy Johnson together and you could probably have 9 wins against the Sox every freaking year. Add our arch nemesis from Baltimore and make sure that those three pitch in every sox game you could sweep the sox.

So, looking at the first 9 games, the Sox have 5 quality starts (6 innings, 3 runs or less) and are 5 and 0 in those games. The opposing teams have 3 quality starts and are 2 and 1 (the Loe / Beckett game in Texas).

The starting pitching for the Sox are averaging 5.85 innings per game, and have an ERA of 5.30. 65% of their pitches are for strikes and only one unearned run has been scored while they are pitching. Overall the team ERA is 4.61, with 65% of all pitches being for strikes.

Yankee update

See ya tomorrow (today, Seattle at the Ballpark with Moyer v Schilling).

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