Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sox 4/14/2006 - Seattle game 1

ESPN Box Score

Mariners - 000 010 000 - 1  4 0
Red Sox - 000 200 00X - 2 10 0
Now that is how you stop a losing streak! Schilling goes 8 innings giving up 3 hits and one run followed by a 1 hit inning by Papelbon leading to the 7th win of the year for the BoSox. Only one thing could improve this type of outcome, a Yankee loss (whats that? you say the twins won!)

A pretty smooth game overall as both pitchers pitched a quality start. The aggravation came with the Sox leaving a ton of players on the Bases. 8 through the first 4 innings and 10 through 7 innings. The Sox should have had a 3 run inning in the 4th but failed to get the runner home from 3rd with less than 2 outs. It would also be nice if the batters would quit striking out as much as they have the last 2 nights (another double digit strike out night).

Youkilis seems to be really adapting to first base, a couple of good plays tonight with one being a web gem. I think that the first 10 games has shown he has the tools defensively for the job and any uneasiness in the field has definetely not carried over to the plate.

I am glad they keep on showing how bad Manny did last year and comparing it to this year, but it just isn't helping the man do any better. Another lousy performance at the plate by Ramirez with an 0'fer with 2 K's.

However, will take the win counting and I am counting on Manny to outright win a couple of games later on for the team.

See you later.

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