Thursday, October 08, 2009

2009 American League Divison Series Game 1 - Red Sox VS Angels

Tonight it is on!!! Game one versus the Angels, who have became the Sox whipping boy, like the Twinkees have became the MFY whipping boys. 9-1 since 2004 against the Angels in round one of the playoffs. Baseball reference has the break down. The regular season series went to the Angels 5-4 with six of those games being one run affairs.

Notable numbers since 8/1/2009 -

J.D. Drew - .340/.448/.667 - 10th in MLB since that time. Out of his 49 hits 22 were for extra bases - 9/1/12 and that is the second highest Slugging % (behind Derrek Lee).

Other notables in the top ten:

Mauer - .373/.460/.570 (3rd in BA)
Jeter - .358/.422/.485 (4th in BA)
Cano - .344/.368/.559 (8th in BA)

J. Bay - .301/.392/.631 (7th in slug)
Ortiz - .251/.356/.513 (59th in slug)
Youkilis - .314/.417/.426 (51st in slug)
Pedroia - .287/.372/.498 (79th in slug)
Gonzalez - .282/.320/.441 (157th in slug)
Lowell - .280/.344/.455 (137th in slug)
Martinez - .336/.405/.507 (68th in slug)
Ellsbury - .300/.363/.412 (199th in slug)

VARITEK - .134/.220/.216 (390th in slug)

The only requirement I had was there had to be at least 50 PAs. Only 396 players met that requirement. IF VARITEK plays a game in this series it had better be a blow out or Martinez better be hurt.

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