Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 NFL Week 6 Picks

To say that last weeks picks were crappy would be an insult to crappy and his ness. 4-10 for the week and overall 37-39 (I hate losing money). However, on the bright side it just goes to show that one should never ever bet the house on my picks. Oh, well it is a new week and new chance to get back above .500!!!

This weeks picks - Cincinnati (-4.5), Detroit (+13.5), Baltimore (+2.5), NY Giants (+3.5), Carolina (-3.5), Kansas City (+6.5), Jacksonville (-9.5), Cleveland (+14.5), Arizona (+2.5), Philadelphia (-14.5), Buffalo (+9.5), Tennesse (+9.5), Atlanta (-3.5) and Denver (+4.5).

Madden 10 - Houston 31-Cincinnati 24, Detroit 27-Green Bay 34, Baltimore 7-Minnesota 21, NY Giants 26-New Orleans 21, Cleveland 12-Pittsburgh 37, Carolina 31-Tampa Bay 17, Kansas City 20-Washington 26, St. Louis 14-Jacksonville 24, Philadelphia 17-Oakland 3, Tennessee 17-NE Patriots 31, Buffalo 27-NY Jets 30, Chicago 16-Atlanta 24, Denver 30-San Diego 26, Arizona 34-Seattle 24.

So far the leader in the club house is Madden 10 who has gone 42-34 followed by Favorites with 38-38 and little old me at 37-39.

Remember, I am not responsible for any losses if you follow my picks. So don't bet the house.

♊ -   Insanity is part of the times. You must learn to embrace the madness. Let it fire you.

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