Saturday, September 15, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 149 Recap


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New York100000000140
W: J. Beckett (19-6) L: C. Wang (18-7)
HR ➢ Bos: E. Hinske (6) NYY: D. Jeter (10)

☼ Sun - Beckett - A home run in the first and then after that, zip, zero, nada.
☁ Cloud - Wang - A melt down in the sixth ended the suspense of this game.

Game thoughts!

About freaking time this team got its act together when playing the Yankees. Finally the team beat them and in a resounding fashion. It would be best of course if they made this a habit and repeated it tomorrow night.

The nice thing is that after last nights game and after Jeter's first inning home run, the Sox immediately responded in the bottom of the first. Of course if Drew or Tek had gotten a hit right after Lowell's rbi single they might of been able to knock Wang out in the first. Wait what am I saying, Drew and Tek failed with RISP, nothing new there.

After the long first inning Beckett really settled down with 1-2-3 innings in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th innings. It looked like it would be another one in the 7th until he hit Giambi with 2 outs (about freaking time also). Since Youkilis had been hit earlier in the game, it was easy to think this was pay-back. The home plate umpire thought so, and I also think it was intentional. About freaking time I say.

What I was surprised about was how close this game was until the sixth. Neither team had scored after the first and it looked like it would be a game that would turn on some freak play (usually to the detriment of the Sox). It especially looked this way after with two outs Wang walked the bases loaded for Jason Varitek who swung on the first pitch and on the next pitch popped out to second. I was ready to freaking throw a brick through the TV set.

Fortunately the Sox got a little bit lucky in the fifth. Ellsbury pinch ran for Youkilis (after he was hit by Wang) and on Ortiz's single to right, he went to third. I don't think that Youkilis would have been able to make it to third on that hit, which is why they were lucky. 1st and 3rd with 1 out and Lowell up to bat, you felt like the Sox would score, but Lowell lined out to Jeter which made Drew's at bat crucial. His at bat in the third was the first time that J.D. had reached base vs Wang, making him 0-10 in his career. This time he swung at the first pitch, a sinker on the outside corner and lined a single to right. 2-1 Sox and the lead would only grow after that. Yeah, boy!!!

The rest was just icing on the cake. Eight runs later this game was over and the Sox lead in the division was back to 5.5 games.

Player watch:
Lugo 0/4 .239
Crisp 2/5 .273
Drew 1/3 .265
♊ - Morbid and creepifing I can handle as long as we do it quiet like.

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