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Red Sox 07 Recap ALDS Game 2

ALDS - game 2
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Press PassBox Score Play - by - PlayGame Recap
Anaheim 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 7 0
Boston 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 6 6 1

W: J. Papelbon (1-0) L: J. Speier (0-1)
HR ➢ Bos: M. Ramirez (1)

☼ Sun - MBM - 3 run shot after another IBB to Ortiz
☁ Cloud - Rodriguez - Tried to sneak that one by MBM, it didn't work.

Game thoughts!

So, the game seemed to start off with some angst as Daisuke struggled in the first (31 pitches) but did not allow any runs. The bottom of the first saw a key 2 out hit by J.D. Drew to spot the team to an early 2-0 lead. Sadly Daisuke reverted to his Matt Clement tendencies and allowed the Angels to tie the game and then take a 3-2 lead after 1 1/2 innings. This was not what Theo and Francona had in mind when they named him the #2 starter in the playoffs. I don't know, maybe they should have taken a longer look at his home and away splits.

Still, Daisuke did seem to settle down after his shaky second inning. A ten pitch third, helped by a smart play by Lugo throwing out Anderson at third was followed by a ten pitch fourth, both innings started with lead off hits though. That was the bright spots of his outing, since he could not get out of the fifth inning and left with runners on first and third. Thankfully, Lopez was able to get Morales to ground out to end the inning. Daisuke's final pitch count 96 pitches in 4 2/3 innings. THE MAN NEEDS TO START TRUSTING HIS STUFF!

The bottom of the fifth saw the Sox tie the game, removing Daisuke from the Loss Column, when Pedroia led off with a double, moved to third on Youkilis's ground out and was able to score on Mike Lowell's sacrifice fly after Ortiz (intentional) and Ramirez (thanks Kid) walked. It seemed like the Sox might do more damage as Drew battled in a 10 pitch at bat that saw a ground out. Those pitches were the last ones that Escobar would throw for the night.

Both bull pens did their jobs in the sixth, seventh and the bottom of the eighth innings. The top of the eighth did see some unusual activity.

After Okajima retired both Kotchman (F7) and Morales (swinging K) Francona brought in the Bot. One pitch and it looked like the inning was over but the normally sure handed Lowell made a bad throw to first on Kindricks ground ball and Youkilis could not dig it out of the dirt. On the 1-0 pitch Kendrick stole second. Scioscia brought in a pinch hitter (unusual to say the least) for Mathis and with the count 1-1 Rivera worked a walk (on strike 3). With pinch runner Willits stealing second (Kendrick stole third during Rivera's at bat) on a 1-1 pitch, the table was set for a disastrous outing by the Bot. Figgins though looked at an 88 mph split for strike three and it was to the bottom of the eighth.

What should have been a one pitch outing by the Bot instead became a thirteen pitch inning. Still, no blood no foul.

Speier induced two ground outs by Drew and Varitek (Tek just missed a pesky pole HR) and Crisp flied out to right in the bottom of the eighth. The ninth inning started out well for Bot as he got two pop ups to Lugo before walking Anderson. Izturis though followed that walk by popping up on the first pitch to Lugo. The stage was now set for the heroics.

Lugo started off the ninth by singling and on the first pitch to Pedroia, broke for second which prevented the double play on his grounder to short. Time for K-rod to come into the game and I was now sitting on the edge of my seat. With Lugo on 2nd with only one out, you knew that Papi would get a chance to bat.

Youkilis heightened the tension by striking out on a pitch in the dirt setting the stage. Would K-rod face Ortiz (.400 BA) or would Sciosia walk Papi for the second time to face Manny (2-9)? The Angel skipper went with option two and on the second pitch to Manny Fenway Park went ballistic as the ball was crushed over the left field wall. Sox Win, Sox Win!!

Oh, yeah the Yankees lost in extra innings!

♊ - Morbid and creepifing I can handle as long as we do it quiet like.

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