Sunday, September 07, 2008

NFL-2008 Week 1 Preview

Autumn is in the air, as I look out my window and see the leaves starting to fall and I know that it is once again that time of the year for America's favorite past time; Yes dear friends, its time for some football! So hold on a second as I clear the site of the last remaining vestiges of a self imposed exile and sweep out the cobwebs and dust the place up a bit before we get down to the nitty gritty of week one of the "National Football League".

First off, needless to say, that game sucked as in royally sucked. 15-8, are you kidding me? Still I suppose it could have been worse, I’m just not sure how at this time of the day.

Secondly, West Virginia loses to freaking East Carolina! East Carolina! Are you fragging kidding me? Looks like another topsy-turvy season in college football. Go Hogs!

Now, let us look at week one of the “National Football League”. All point spreads are from the fantasy site and all picks were made on Thursday of this week. Here we go!
Week 1 Games
FavoriteSpread.UnderdogPickMadden 09Result
NY Giants-3.5WashingtonNy G23-17 Wash16-7 NY G
Detroit-2.5AtlantaDetroit20-17 Det.

Buffalo-0.5SeattleSeattle13-10 Buf
Tennessee31-20 Jax
NY Jets-2.5
MiamiJets19-17 Jets
NE Patriots
-16.5Kansas CityNE26-10 Pats
New Orleans-3.5Tampa BayNew Orleans24-21 TB
Philadelphia-7.5St. Louis
Philadelphia28-10 Phil
Pittsburgh-6.5HoustonPittsburgh17-3 Pitt
Baltimore-0.5CincinnatiCincinnati30-20 Bal

San Diego-9.5CarolinaSan Diego
34-15 SD
Arizona-2.5San Fran
San Fran27-24 SF
ClevelandDallas23-13 Dal
Indianapolis-9.5ChicagoChicago41-28 Ind
Green Bay-2.5MinnesotaMinnesota30-15 GB
Denver-1.5OaklandDenver26-19 Den

Ok, lets break down these games.

Detroit versus Atlanta - I think that Atlanta is going to be a very bad team this year. With even a week Lions team playing in Atlanta I see a Lions victory. Detroit 27, Atlanta 10.

Seattle versus Buffalo - First this game is in Buffalo, second this has upset written all over it, third it is freaking Seahawks versus Buffalo. Seattle pulls the upset 20-17.

Jacksonville versus Tennessee - Jaguars are good, but the Titans are better. Take the home team in this one, 21-14.

Jets versus Dolphins - Sub plots galore, Favre versus Pennington, Pennington versus Jets, Jets coach from the Parcell coaching tree. Taking the Jets here 24-17.

Kansas City versus New England - This is an iffy pick for me. How is Brady? Are the Patriots as bad as their preseason (no)? I would not be surprised if the Chiefs cover but am going with New England 41-10.

Tampa Bay versus New Orleans - Shockey has a big coming out party in the big easy. Saints beat the Buccaneers 31-21.

St. Louis versus Philadelphia - Eagles have improved, the Rams, well they still suck. I'm looking at an eagle blow out, 28-7.

Houston versus Pittsburgh - Houston is no longer a punching bag but the Steelers are the better team. Pittsburgh wins 17-6.

Cincinnati versus Baltimore - Bengals win a close one 17-16.

Carolina versus San Diego - Rivers goes crazy, LT goes crazy, the Panthers are never in the game. San Diego wins this 37-10.

Arizona versus San Francisco - Arizona continues to prove that no matter what city they are in they stink. San Fran wins going away 31-17.

Dallas versus Cleveland - I cannot believe this is only a 3.5 spread. Romo blows kisses to that Simpson gal as he sits on the sideline in the 4th. Dallas wins 31-17.

Chicago versus Indianapolis - Colts have the offense, Bears have the defense. Colts win 21-14.

Minnesota versus Green Bay - Tuesday night the Green Bay faithful start demanding the coach, general manager and anyone else involved in letting Favre go to the Jets. Vikings run the ball over and over and win this game 21-10.

Denver versus Oakland - McFadden makes his debut and rushes for 100 yards, most of them on a 70+ td run, of course he also fumbles three times and the Broncos beat Oakland 21-17.

There you go folks. See you later as the afternoon progresses!

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