Thursday, August 17, 2006

As my knees hit the floor to do hail mary's etc.

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Well, 5 games in the next 4 days against the hated spankees. The latest probables show Johnson vs Wang, Lester vs Ponson, Beckett vs Johnson, Schilling vs Mussina and Wells vs Lidle. If you look at ERA's only the series would go Yankee Win, Boston Win, Yankee Win, Yankee Win and Yankee win. What does that remind me of? Of course if that was to happen then the spankees would leave town 4 1/2 games ahead 5 games in the loss column and with 6 weeks left in the season that would mean looking at the wild card again.

If you looked at the pitchers winning percentages then it would go Yankee Win, Boston Win, Boston Win, Boston Win, and a tie. That would be better result for everybody in Boston for sure. Of course the problem is that Denton at Surviving Grady has said 4 wins for the good guys, which means that the first scenario is more likely to happen.

As usual all statistics were found at the day by day database at Baseball Musings.

Now, just because I am a sucker for punishment I did a little digging over at Baseball Musings and dug up these for you (caution strong stomach required):
Stats from the Sept. 1978 massacre at Fenway:

Yankee Batting Stats here:
Yankee Pitching Stats here:

Red Sox Batting stats here:
Red Sox Pitching stats here:

Those four games were not pretty so lets hope we have better success here.

Idle thoughts since the spankees got spanked today. I took a look at the next few games after the Yankees lost by 10 or more runs this year.

On May 9 the Yankees lost 14 to 3 to the Sox then won their next game (Mussina over Schilling), lost one game (Wakefield), won 2, lost 2, won 2 and then lost 1 at Yankee stadium.

On July 4th at Cleveland the Yankees lost 19 to 1 and then won the next 4 on the road.

On July 29th they lost to the Devil Rays 19 to 6 and then won 5 straight at home.

As you can see, when the spankees lose big, the next day they pull on their pants, shrug their shoulders and forget all about the loss and then start winning games. That was not was I was hoping to find out when I looked at their schedule. Oh, well!'s previe here.
MLB.coms press pass should be here sometime before the game 1.

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