Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Game 2 of the Angels series

Well, not much to say, Weei was rampant with speculation about the HAMMY. All I have to say, is if it is true that Manny is putting his wants above the teams, why should any one be surprised. Manny is Manny, and this would not be anything new so just let it go. Nothing we say, the coaches say, WEEI says or the management says will change Manny's attitude.

Big disappointment, otherwise known as Josh Beckett takes the mound tonight. Since the Angels are over 500 and since his record is not great with teams over 500 I fully expect this to be a nail biter. Hey, he could surprise me but I sincerely doubt it.

95 wins now looks impossible. In order to reach that this team will have to win 26 out of their last 37 games. Just ain't happening (what happened to the opptimism - Ed? hey that went out the window a few days ago). Would like to see them do it of course, but with 10+ games left against the Jays and the spankees I don't see a lot of hope for it.

Take care, as I need to go work on the munckin's computer since she has been having problems with the virus scan and such. See you later.

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