Sunday, August 20, 2006

Its Sunday and its obvious Hail Marys don't work

Have been sitting here, cruising through the usual places and finding that everyone is pretty much down on the Sox right now and who can blame them. The last three games have been atrocius. One bright spot of course is that sometimes great minds think alike but my mind right now is just mush. However, as you can see here I had a feeling that these five games would go badly, I just didn't figure it would be this bad. Pathetic, pathetic, pitching from 1 - 11, and the way the others have pitched, you have to figure that even Papelbot might have gotten lit up.

Schilling pitches tonight against Mussina, but the moose has a pretty decent record at Fenway.'s press pass is still showing Fridays but if they do one for today it will be here.
ESPN's preview is here.
Yahoo sport's is here.

See how depressed I was, I didn't even give you any stats on Schilling or Mussina. Now excuse me as I break out the bottles of bud, corona's and whatever else I have in the house because the sun is up over the yardarm and its time to become a sailor again so that I can watch tonights game with bleary eyes, hopefully, it will improve the outcome of the game because the animal sacrifices and the hail mary's sure didn't work.

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