Friday, February 23, 2007

Schilling Links

Update: Cursed To First has the SOSH post by Schilling posted. Worth a good read (original thread is here.)

Thought that I would add some of the Schilling links in one spot from the usual sources. First off we have Bradford's take here and here, then the Herald's take and last but not least the globe's takes here, here, and here.

As for me I am now settling into the good-bye tour of Schilling. Everybody is accusing him of being a jackass for deciding to go ahead and play one more year as if none of them ever changed their minds about something, but the plain fact is that next year he will be no worse than the #3 starter for this club and when people like Meche are getting 11 million plus then 13 million is a steal. What I am hoping for is that Curt wins his first 8 or so wins and when Theo and them come around saying hey, about that contract do you want to talk, he laughs and walks away. As for the pin stripes, ain't ever going to happen, the Mets maybe, but the Yankees? Not a chance.

I have also added a new site to the Freaking Links, Red Sox 24/7. It appears to be a solid site and I look forward to reading them this year, so stop by and tell them the peace brigade sent you.

Am working on doing a review of his work last year, but as usual, I have pulled out so much information that I am trying to get my thoughts wrapped around his work last year, one quick thing I noticed though was that almost half of his no decisions had blown saves, would Theo and them have been hesitating if Schilling had won 19 games last year?

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