Friday, May 05, 2006

Cry Havoc - 5/4/2006 - Sox vs Toronto

ESPN Box score

Whew glad Tito didn't listen to me as the boys batted around in the first inning putting up a five spot that even Clement couldn't screw up (though he tried by going to a lot of 3 - 2 counts and walking 2 in the next 5 innings). Youkilas hits his second with a man on to put the game out of reach, even though Seanez pitched like Seanez (another freaking home run), and Tavarez was ok but couldn't nail it down, which meant that Papelbon had to come in to get another save.

Would be nice if someone beside Papelbon and Timlin in the bullpen could come into the game and I don't know do something unusual and NOT ALLOW ANY RUNS!!!

Maybe Loretta is starting to get out of his slump, and before everybody goes crazy and starts screaming for Renteria over A Gon, lets remember something, this time last year Renteria had like a gazillion errors and was hitting squat. The dude could not handle Boston and his hitting woes carried over into the field. At least A Gon is playing superb defense and his hitting will improve.

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