Saturday, May 20, 2006

Game 40 Recap

Both pitchers threw quality starts (out of a possible 80, 34 have been quality starts). Hero of the day has to be Beckett though, as he went 7 innings, knocked in 2 runs (single and homer). For awhile I thought we would be faced with a Wakefield type game as the Phils, kept the boys from mounting any threats, then along came the sixth and the error by the SS. 4 runs later I was sitting there thinking this is all sewed up except for that nagging feeling that we could get a replay of this game (warning not safe for Yankee haters).

All in all a good quality win and another series taken (I make it 8 - 4 - 1 in series) and a successful road trip. I am really liking what I see in the defense of this team, the pitchers seem to be really comfortable and they know if the get ground balls, the defense will make the play. The only sour note in this game was the error by Snow (please make him happy and trade him).

Next game is Dinardo, lets see how that goes.

ESPN recap here.

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