Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game 37 - Orioles game 8 - 5/16/2006

To recap last night Beckett came out and gave up a first inning home run to Miguel Tejada and then faced only 18 batters in the next 6 innings. 80 pitches thrown and 24 in the first (8 to Miggy alone). That is why he was obtained from the Marlins. 12 in a row against the O's and now the nemesis has lost 3 games to the Sox this year with no wins. What goes around comes around.

Tonight its Schilling vs Chen. Which Schilling will show up though, the one who went 4 and 0 or the one who has gone 1 and 2? Lets hope its the former, but am not holding my breath.

ESPN preview here.
MLB.com's here.

Wake tomorrow in the series finale, and then the trip to Philly, where the Sox record since 2001 is 4 and 2 with a 4.47 era. The Philly era is 6.98 in those games. (h/t to baseball musings).

See you later after the game, go sox.

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