Sunday, May 28, 2006

Schillings 200 win and other stuff

Schilling pitches 7 strong innings followed by Foulke and Papelbon to win his 200th game, only the 4th to do it in a Sox uniform (last one Tiant). Was a quick game too, 2:46 and Schilling became the first 8 game winning al pitcher this year. Game Recap at can be found here. Have a chance to sweep tommorrow afternoon (well actually today).

Just took a look at the power rankings. What I don't understand is that the White Sox(1) and Yankees(5) are both rated above their division leaders. Ok, I can understand the Sox being one over the Tigers(2), but the Yankees above the Sox(6)?

Last time I looked the Sox have a winning record against the Yankees and lead them by two games and I don't buy that Wakefield is more and more looking like a non reliable starter. True he has an ERA over 4.5, but out of 10 starts he has pitched 6 quality starts. With better run support(3.9 pg) his record could easily be 6 and 3. The next lowest support for the team is Schilling (5.6). The team record in his starts is 4 and 6 which is the only one below 500. Wakefield has always been streaky and I expect his streak to start being W's starting today (13 - 2 against the Rays).

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