Friday, May 12, 2006

Yankees Sox Game 4 recap

Well the 4th of 19 games is in the books and the Sox win a nail biter. It sure looked like Wakefield would get another hard luck loss for the first 6 innings, especially with the Sox leaving the bases loaded 3 times in the first 6 innings.

ESPN Box score here.

The 7th inning turned out to be the winning rally and how strange it was. Wily Mo strikes out, Mirabelli singles, Bernie Williams misplays Gonzalez's fly ball into a 2 base error (though I think it should have been a double), Youkilis hits a hard line drive right at Cano and I am at this point totally frustrated.

Then, then, the golden boy makes a two run error, well actually they called it an infield single (another reason why I detest the Yankees, if that had been A-rod it would have been an error, see the Bernie Williams play earlier). 2 runs score and all of a sudden its 4-3 Red Sox and the bullpen is set up for the winning trio of relievers.

End of the ninth and I am looking forward to the team returning to Fenway for the quick 3 game series against the Rangers.

Things to like about the game, they kept on plugging away. 3 for 15 with runners in scoring position do not win very many games for you, but they just kept on putting runners on base and forcing the Yankees to make perfect pitches. I also liked the fact that everybody but Big Papi got a hit (am not worried, Texas will probably be the cure for his slump). Timlin, Foulke and Papelbon all did their jobs in a tight situation. It also was nice to see Youkilis get a big hit against Mariano in the 9th. That extra run sure makes it easier to breathe.

Wakefield was again very good against the Yankees, six innings 3 earned runs and 9 K's. Another quality start for Wakefield. So far in eight starts he has given a quality start in 6 of them and the Sox have won 4 of those starts. Over all counting tonights win the Sox are 4 and 4 in Wakes starts.

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