Friday, September 15, 2006

Back with a vengeance

Been a busy and also a horrible last couple of weeks. Unfortunately I get this way leading up to that DAY. The last few years, there was escape because of the Sox, but not this year.

So, here we are, coming down the home stretch, and there is no hope for the Sox this year to pull it out and make the playoffs. Personally, I think the loss of Wakefield was the beginning of the end this year. So, what do we look forward to in these last 3 weeks. I personally, think the Yankees, will not win the Series this year, I still have doubts about thier pitching in the playoffs. Will be interesting to watch that. Tonight we start the last 4 games against the Yankees this year. I fully expect to see them celebrate thier east division championship with the Sox in the other dugout.

Next year I want the following, A-Gon back at shortstop, Lowell at third, Youkilis at 1st, Wily Mo in right, Coco in center, Pedroia will be Ok as the second baseman. Keep Hinske as the Left handed bat off the bench who can play Right, 1st and 3rd. Would love to have Loretta stay around, but I expect he will be gone. Cora will be still available to come off the bench also. Lots of talk about Soriano at second base, but I just don't see it.

As far as pitching goes, I expect Foulke to be gone, Timlin gone. For starters I expect it to be Beckett, Schilling, Wakefield, Snyder and maybe Zito. Look for a big push by the Sox to get him. Papelbon, Hansen, and Delcarmen will be the anchors in the Pen.

********Breaking News - Game postponed tonight. 1 o'clock game tomorrow.****

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