Tuesday, September 26, 2006

game 158 - Vs TB 18th of 19

No stats, not much to talk about as the season continues to wind down. I really wish the Sox had been able to do a Tejada for Manny trade this spring. At least then we wouldn't be filled day in and day out on Manny watches.

As a side note, the Rays have to take both games to have a winning record vs the Sox this year. Look at that sentence again! The Sox have to win one of these two games to avoid a losing record vs the Rays. A team that only has 1 winning record vs any teams (any guesses?). What a disater this year became.

Oh yeah, thanks to that dismantling of the Falcons last night I ended up going 9 and 5 vs the spread last week. YEAH BOY!!!!

ESPN.com preview is here.
Yahoo sports preview here.
MLB.com press pass here.

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