Sunday, September 17, 2006

Last 2 games vs the Yankees

***** UPDATE: Thanks to Youkilis, the spankees have to keep the champagne on ice one more day. ********

The last two games vs the Yankees this year. Right now Yankees lead 11 games to 6 in this season series. My only hope is that the Sox get at least a split, yes I know the division race is over, but hey, let them celebrate later in the week.

First game has Snyder versus Wright. Two up and down pitchers facing each other. For Kyle's career stats you can see them here. Jaret Wright's stats are here.

This is just the type of game that the bats should be out in force. Wright's stats vs the Sox are horrofic. A 6.45 ERA in 12 games (11 starts) with a 2 and 5 record. The good news with Snyder is he has had ok, bad, ok, bad games. His last game he got lit up, so he should be due for a good game. Let us hope so.

Yahoo's preview of the games is here.'s preview of game one is here.

As for the Second Game, I know Tek played last night, but I am begging you Tito, play him in the first game, not the second game today. The man is like 0 forever against Mussina. Please, please, don't have him playing the second game.'s preview of game two is here.

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