Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness 2007 - Day 1 mid day recap

Ok so we have had a few games played (7 of the 8 day games) and I have some thoughts:

1) Texas Tech vs BC game was closer than it looked, but BC was able to pull away due to Tech being totally inept on defense and on the offensive ends.

2) ORU played tough 1st half but then let Washington St. start the second half red hot. No miracles for Bob.

3) I think Bill Simmons was right, a young Maryland team would have played a better over all game if they had been facing a uniform that they respected. Hard to believe that Davidson had an 8 point lead at one time in the 1st half.

4) Best game was the ODU vs Butler game, don't let that double digit fool you, it was close until Butler exerted itself late in the second half. ODU led with 12:22 remaining when Butler went on a 17 - 0 run. ODU kept on getting it back into single digits but couldn't sustain their energy.

5) So far have winners with Butler, Maryland, Louisville, Texas A & M, Georgetown and Vanderbilt is currently winning by 25.

6) Only losses are Texas Tech and ORU. So, so far, so good.

Chow, time to go Chow.

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