Thursday, March 15, 2007

#38 Strikes Again

Well, Curt has given the low down on his contract and why he became a blowhard (sarcasm is again rampant). Go check it out at 38 pitches. You might be surprised!

As for my feelings on this matter you can find them here, here, and here. I still think we are looking at him moving on after this year. I think the Sox believe that they can get him for 11 million but the market will have him in the 16 - 18 million range. Be honest, would you give your home team a 33% or greater discount?

As for some of the comments on his post people get real!

  • Mpalma - have you ever heard of IRONY?
  • kazztawdal - Maybe you missed it but in an age where Vasquez and Meche are getting over 11 mil a year the 13 million he offered is a steal. Pay cut, Pay cut. Get a clue.
  • sigmapijiggy - Have you ever heard of leverage, he already said he was willing to do a contract this year for 13 million next year (what did RJ get coming off Back Surgery?) and now you want him to beg?
  • goldsteingonewild - Atta boy, at last somebody shows some sense.
  • jkey - you started off well but your last point misses the mark. ITS CALLED RESPECT and yes ego plays a part, because EGO helps them to be as good as they are, I feel like Robin Williams in one of his movies "ding, thanks for playing".
  • strike00 - have you even looked at the better pitchers on the market for 2008? DING
  • Tim Daloisio - another atta boy!
  • soxsweepagain - you may have missed it but he said if you want the hometown discount then sign me by the end of spring training 07. DING
  • ego221 - you came close but I have to give you a 1/2 DING

Still all in all a good post by the Shill.

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