Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness 2007 edition III

Well, so much for my Razorbacks. Geez it sucks being a razorback backer right now. 4 straight losses in the NCAA's. Time to fire Stan Heath. Still, I did go 23 - 9 first day, which obviously won't get me any big time prizes but hey what are you going to do right. So, on to the 2nd round which leads to the sweet sixteen.

The good news about my misses only one did I have going further (thanks ND). Heres the 2nd round picks:

2007 NCAA 2nd Round
FloridaKansasN. Carolina Ohio St.
MarylandSo. IllinoisTexasTennessee
Oregon *PittsburghVanderbiltLouisville

Again not a lot of upsets, will post more today about why I picked who I picked.

* - Had ND in bracket, So Oregon is the blog pick. Would love to see Winthrop move on though. Not sure how much will blog today, you might not have heard but we got around 10 of snow and sleet etc last 24 hours. Even with a blower my back is killing just from manhandling that piece of crap. Oh, well! See you later with the Womens picks.

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