Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Sox 2008 Misc. Post 2

There are times when being a dad, can make you miss certain things. Last night was one of those nights. B-fly had an induction ceremony for NHS, so of course being the dad, I went to that instead of staying home to watch the Sox. After the ceremony a quick check of the score had the Sox up 5-0, but nothing was said about a no-no. Still, the after ceremony was followed by meet and greet and general milling around while sipping coffee, eating treats so we didn't get out until the bottom of the sixth.

Driving home the Sox were up to bat, and J.D. Drew got hit by a pitch that was quickly followed by a Varitek home run to right field. Hand slaps were given in the car, but still nothing about a no-no until we pulled into the driveway. Being a dad also means you get to sit with the family and watch the last 9 outs of a no-no. It is great to be a dad!!!

Be sure to check out Joe Posnanski's blog entry on this game. A must read.

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