Thursday, June 21, 2007

Game 69 - 70 and 71 Idle Thoughts

Whew! The Sox win two games by shutting out the Braves, while the Rockies do their best impression of Yankee Killers by sweeping the spankees in Colorado. Maybe, I should not blog at all. Just kidding MikeT9485!

Nothing bad happening at the s1c homestead just lots of "Dad" things happening. The BH otherwise known as significant other, etc has been fighting a sinus infection which meant that "Dad" became chauffeur and other things for last couple of nights while the daughter wrapped up the end of school type of things. Fortunately I was able to listen to most of the games or see significant parts of the last three games, but was not in a blogging type of situation, ie. no Internet available type of situation.

So, sorry for any missed inane statistics but things should be back to normal for a few days or at least I hope they will approach normal. One other thing, I would like to welcome Victoria (the second niece) to the family. I hope that fatherhood brings you nothing but happiness Phillip!

So, what have I not commented on? Hmmm, no recap for the Schilling game (#69) because I was so disgusted and tired I just went to bed without doing anything on the blog. Of course that paid off as we got to see that he has been freaking hurt most of the year. Schill, you know I like you and I understand you are pitching for the contract, but dude if you are hurt and look crappy, you ain't helping the contract or the team. Just get well and pitch brilliantly in the playoffs and you will get the contract, see Weaver, Jeff (who I hope is facing Gabbard on Tuesday).

Game 70 of course lifted a lot of spirits in RSN but should we have been surprised? After all coming into that game Hudson was 3 and 8 lifetime against the Sox with a 6.22 ERA. Hard to believe that he pitched a 2 hit gem against Pedro back on 8/11/2003. In five games since then (prior to tuesday) Hudson was 0 and 5 with a 9.49 ERA in 24 2/3 innings. His WHIP in those 5 games was a grotesque 2.23. Actually his performance improved his stats vs the Sox. Safe to say that the Sox just own him!

The real hero of that game though was "Lord Beckett" though as Kristen would say, though I had to like the comment from Varitek, "six is all you got". Good stuff from the captain to the ACE of the staff.

Yes, I said ACE of the staff. I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating; "Joshua is the ace of this staff now and should be for years, hopefully decade plus years to come". I can't be plainer than that about his ability and potential. If the playoffs started today, I think its likely that the Rotation would be Beckett, Schilling (but only because of experience) and Matsuzaka with Wakefield and Sexy Lips being the all hands on deck 4th starter.

Speaking of Sexy Lips, I had to leave just as the top of the first inning was ending last night to do one of those "Dad" things, i.e. being the chaperone of the "date". So let me sum up the game for you. Drew - home run, Pedroia - double down the left field line, Ortiz - fooled on a breaking pitch for the K, Manny - doubles scoring Pedroia, Youkilis - (don't remember but I know it was an out and he was pissed), Varitek - lets walk him to get to the guy who smashed two home runs on us in game one of this series and Crisp - why thank you very much and we'll take the 5 run lead. From the looks of it, the solo home run would have been enough for Sexy Lips. By the way, the date was Rise of the Silver Surfer - "dad" is not a fan of this movie, enough said.

Hmmm, I don't think I missed anything but you never know. Will add the standing tables later for the last two three days, but right now its time to get something to eat.



MikeT9485 said...

Youk was called out on strikes by first plate Ump on a swing he clearly did not take. I was pissed too.

s1c said...

They won the game and that is all that matters.