Saturday, November 22, 2008

NFL 2008 Week 12 Preview

Well we did much better last week as we went 10-6 making us 93-67 for the year. Off to a bad start with Pittsburgh scoring late to cover and then intercepting the Bengals at the goal line to ensure the spread. Looking to do even better this week. (go Cowboys!!!)

Remember - these picks are only for entertainment purposes and you bet on these picks at your own peril. I am not responsible for you following my stupidity. Now let us look at the picks for week twelve of the 2008 season.

Week 12 Games
FavoriteSpread.UnderdogPickMadden 09
Pittsburgh-10.5 CincinnatiCincinnatiPitt - 28-9
Atlanta-1.5CarolinaAtlantaCar - 27-24
Cleveland-3.5HoustonHoustonHou 19-14
Dallas-10.5San FranciscoSan FranciscoDal 16-10
Tampa Bay-8.5DetroitTampa BayTB - 24-23
Tennessee-5.5NY JetsNY JetsTN - 21-20
Buffalo-3.5Kansas CityBuffaloKC - 27-21
Chicago-7.5St. LouisChicagoChi - 24-17
Miami-1.5NE PatriotsNE PatriotsNE - 21-17
Jacksonville-2.5MinnesotaMinnesotaJax - 27-21
Baltimore-1.5PhiladelphiaBaltimorePhi - 20-13
Denver-9.5OaklandOaklandDen - 27-15
NY Giants-3.5ArizonaArizonaNY - 26-14
Washington-3.5SeattleWashingtonWas - 17-13
San Diego-2.5IndianapolisIndianapolisSD - 20-15
New Orleans-2.5Green BayNew OrleansGB -27-14

Well, here goes in bullet form:
(definitions ATS - against the spread, APG - Average Points per Game

♊ - Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (10.5) - Cincinnati is 2-3 ATS on the road (4-5 overall). The two games that Cincinnati coverd on the road, both had double digit spreads. My second reason for picking Cincinnati, the waxing that Pittsburgh laid on the Bengals earlier this year. (ok, so i was wrong, but remember Cincy was intercepted at the goal line with 27 seconds left).
♊ - Carolina at Atlanta (1.5) - Atlanta is 4-1 ATS at home, yes I know that loss was last week, but I think I will stick with the Falcons at home.
♊ - Houston at Cleveland (3.5) - Cleveland has yet to cover at home as the favorite, Houston though is 2-3 on the road. Go with Houston.
♊ - San Francisco at Dallas (10.5) - San Francisco sucks but its a 10.5 spread, Dallas wins by 7
♊ - Tampa Bay at Detroit (-8.5) - Detroit sucks, Tampa Bay is no great shakes on the road but did I mention that the Lions suck?
♊ - NY Jets at Tennessee (5.5) - Game of the week by far but this type of Game is why Favre was brought to NY. Look for a scoring machine by both teams but I just don't think that Tennessee will win by more than a field goal.
♊ - Buffalo at Kansas City (-3.5) - Buffalo doesn't do well with spreads over .5 but this is KC they are playing. Look for Buffalo to win by 10.
♊ - Chicago at St. Louis (-7.5) - St. Louis has played better lately but they suck at home ATS (1-3).
♊ - NE Patriots at Miami (1.5) - Miami killed the Patriots earlier this year, but this is a different Patriot team now and I expect payback in a big way.
♊ - Minnesota at Jacksonville (2.5) - Jacksonville may be the most over rated team this year and they have not played well at home. Neither team excites me but at least Minnesota has covered on the road this year.
♊ - Philadelphia at Baltimore (1.5) - The Eagles may be the most up and down team this year. Baltimore is 4-0 at home ATS.
♊ - Oakland at Denver (9.5) - Old time rivals and 9.5 spread. Going with the 3-2 ATS Raiders over the 1-4 Broncos.
♊ - NY Giants at Arizona (-3.5) - Identical images as both teams are 3-1 ATS in this situation but I just think the Giants are the better team.
♊ - Washington at Seattle (-3.5) - Going with the Washington Redskins and their 3-1 ATS on the road.
♊ - Indianapolis at San Diego (2.5) - San Diego is at home after traveling to Pittsburgh and losing a 1 point heartbreaker. Norv Turner strikes again and the Colts pull the upset.
♊ - Green Bay at New Orleans (2.5) - Another game with similar ATS but New Orleans is winning by 10 at home, Drew Brees leads a team to a late score covering the spread.

♊ - Well, let's hope we get some funny hats too.

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