Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Red Sox 07 all star break

Standings as of 7/10/2007 (at the all star break).
American League AL

New York424310.06-44936

Have been mulling over what kind of grades I would give this team this year. Still working on what should be fairly simple chore, but to be honest I am having a hard time getting a feel for this team. June was simply horrible, and yet the lead in the East is still double digits.

Still, here are quick thoughts:

  • Starting Pitching - B+

  • Relief Pitching - A-

  • Infield - B

  • Outfield - C

  • DH - B

  • Bench - B-

  • Overall - B

Nothing in depth, those are just what I feel right now. Still, I expect to have something up in the next 24 hours with better a grasp.

Why a B for the pitching this is the MLB Rankings for the starters:
1st in ND's
12th in ERA (all) 6th AL
10th in QS (all) 5th AL
2nd in Win %, behind Detroit
6th in WHIP, 3rd AL
3rd average innings pitched (all), 2nd AL
T 7th 8 innings or more (all), T 5th AL
9th 7 innings or more (all), 3rd AL
1st Wins (all)
T 6th fewest losses, 3rd AL

ERA figures for starters:
June 1st to Jul 8th
4.49 ERA for Starters
4.18 ERA entire year
3.98 prior to that

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