Friday, July 27, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 102 Recap

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W: J. Tavarez (6-8) L: C. Lee (5-8)
HR ⇛ Bos: M. Ramirez2 (17), W.M. Pena (5) Cle: R. Garko(13), F. Gutierrez (7)

☼ The Sun - Manny - 481 foot home run in the second start the barrage
☁ The Cloud - Lee - He got toasted coming out in the 5th with no outs.

Idle thoughts!

What a change from the previous two nights. The only bad from a pitching standpoint is that Gabbard after cruising through four innings fell apart in the fifth. Of, course he had a long wait on the bench as the Sox sent batter after batter to the plate in the top of the inning. Still, that is by far his worst start since the first one in Seattle. It also did not get him off of the snide as far as being winless on the road.

Everybody got hits on this team except for Youkilis who walked twice. Good to see that the Sox dead ball era ended. Now, lets hope that the late arrival in Tampa does not cool off the bats!

Lugo watch - 1 for 6 and maintaining a .225 average. Continued his hitting streak, and you know he will be jacked to face Tampa!

Coco watch - 2 for 5 and average at .282, look for that to continue to rise in Tampa!

Type of game that if you snoozed you missed scoring, maybe even lots of scoring.

Tavarez made his first appearance from the pen and looked good until Lugo's throwing error in the seventh. All four of the runs he allowed were un-earned. Still will take his bases loaded entrance with two outs that shut down the Indian offense. That is what I expect from him, and look for more to come!

Later - When all else fails get a bigger hammer!

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