Monday, July 23, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 98 Recap

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W: Wakefield (11-9) L: Garland (7-7) S: Papelbon (22)
HR ► Bos: M. Ramirez (15), M. Lowell (15)

☼ The Sun - MBM is the obvious, but I think it goes to Okajima for stranding 3 in the 7th
☁ The Cloud - Garland - 2 home runs, 3 runs each

Idle thoughts!

29 runs, since the team meeting that is the number of runs the Sox scored in three games. Whatever was said by Francona, he needs to bottle it and save it for those days when it will be needed.

Lugo watch - 1 for 3 and maintaining a .225 average, with a run scored. He is definitely looking comfortable at the plate. More importantly, the team is headed to a park where he has batted .324/.366/.649 the last three years.

Drew watch - 0 for 4 with a walk and a run scored. Right now he is on schedule to have his worst year since 2002. Still, the power numbers are improving and he was robbed by a dandy stab at third in his last at bat.

Coco watch - 3 for 4 and only one of the starters who did not score, of course he made up for that by knocking in three runs. His .277 average is only 5 points below his career average. This is the Crisp that Theo wanted when he made the trade for him in 2005! Last three years at Jacobs field - .289/.335/.433, another one who should feel comfortable in Cleveland.

Papelbon was rusty and it took him awhile to warm up. His ball four to Cintron was his first pitch to break 95 mph. Once warmed up he made short work of Thome and Konerko.

Okajima continues to be the MVP of this team. Look for his numbers and for Francona's confidence to continue to rise.

Delcarmen finally allowed inherited runners to score, but I still think that Tito will use him for the seventh inning bridge to Papelbon.

Later - When all else fails, get a bigger hammer!

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