Friday, July 13, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 89 Recap


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Toronto 0
Boston 20

W: Marcum (5-3) L: Snyder(1-2) S: Accardo (12)

► Hero - Rios who just kills the Sox.
► Goat - Snyder - back to back doubles with two outs provides the winning runs.

Game thoughts!

It looked good until the sixth. Manny provided an early pop by depositing a ball into the monster seat with Ortiz on base and just like that the Sox were on the score board. Alas, it was not to last as Tavarez gave up four runs in the third.

Surprisingly, at least from their performance lately the Sox were able to grab a one run lead in the bottom of the third, thanks to a hit by Manny and a triple by Lowell. With Tavarez out after one batter in the fifth though it was left to the bullpen. Theirs won.

How much did Drew going out with a strained hamstring hurt the Sox? In the sixth Hinske was unable to get to Johnsons double before it rattled around the boards allowing Wells to score from first. If Drew is in the game I don't think the runner would have been able to score. More importantly, because J.D. was out, Wily Mo came up to bat in the ninth. Since he had singled earlier in the game, it was only a matter of when he would strike out, and of course he did.

Ortiz is hitting .222 when it is close and late this year. The last three years the lowest he batted was .280 and his OPS for the last four years sees a lowest of .942 (the only one below 1.000).

Lets hope Manny keeps on hitting like this for the rest of the year.


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