Thursday, August 02, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 108 Recap

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Baltimore 000030 0 00391
Boston0012004 0X7130

W: T. Wakefield (13-9) L: R. Bell (3-2)
HR ⇛ Bos: H. Hinske(5), D. Mirabelli (4)

☼ The Sun - Mirabelli - 3 for 3 with 2 runs scored and 2 rbi's. Way to go Dougie!!
☁ The Cloud - R. Bell - 2/3 innings pitched 4 earned runs - ouch

Idle thoughts!

A short home stand is over and thanks to the White Sox the Sox were able to extend their lead to eight games in front of the spankees. What I liked about this series was the fact that the Sox won two of the three games, and did it by only losing the one game to the Orioles star pitcher on Tuesday night.

Wakefield was dandy today as he only had the one bad inning in the fifth. Any time the starter gives you seven innings and only allows three runs, you have a chance to win the game. Especially when you have the three pitchers at the back of this bull pen.

What in the world was Mirabelli doing in the sixth? He definitely cost Papi an RBI by screwing up the play on that long fly ball with the bases loaded. Even worse was the fact that it ended the inning. On a side note, the run he scored in the seventh was only the second time all year that some one actually got an RBI with him on base.

Lugo watch - dnp - day off after the night game.
Coco watch - 2 for 4 - average back up to .281! He also continues to play sterling defense in Center.
Drew watch - 0 for 1, pinch ran for Hinske in the seventh. I pray that his son is ok!

Here is a pitching line for you. 1.0 innings pitched, 0 runs, 1 hit and six pitches thrown. Of course we are talking about HID.

It was good to see Gagne strike out the first batter that he faced. No, I am not worried about the run he gave up since it was set up by a wind blown foul ball that landed fair and bounced into the stands. It looked like a good pitch to me, just a little bit of bad luck. Since this was his first game since the 24th of July, it was obvious that he needed the work.

I liked this line up that started today (except for the bench guys playing). It might not be a bad idea to keep D-ped, Youkilis, Ortiz and Manny as the first four batters of the game.

Evil empire watch - a slug fest in the Bronx and the spankees lose to the White Sox! Love those Sox!!!

Sox have a nine game road trip starting tomorrow. Thankfully, they did not have to play until midnight and then fly across country this time. The question is "can they stop the losing streak at Safeco?"

♊ - When all else fails get a bigger hammer!

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