Saturday, August 11, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 116 Recap


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W: J. Beckett (15-5) L: G. Olson (1-1) S: J. Papelbon (27)

☼ Sun - Lugo - Two run double in the second started the runs.
☁ Cloud - Olson - it is not everyday I can pick a rookie left hander.

Game thoughts!

Beckett was outstanding. 8 2/3 IP and the only time he ran into trouble was in the 9th. A lead off double by Roberts was the first lead off batter to reach against him all day. I thought he was going to be able to get out of trouble when he retired the next two batters but Tejada got a break when Tek dropped the foul tip on strike three and one pitch later it was a 6 - 1 ballgame. Millar followed up with a double that scored Miggie and that finished the day for Beckett.

MDC faced only the one batter, Huff, and after 12 pitches (numerous fouls including another drop by Tek), Huff drew the walk. A tough at bat that MDC barely lost.

The Bot though said enough of this foolishness and went right to work. Two fast balls for strikes and then another fast ball was popped up to Pedroia. Game over baby, and Bot earned his 27th save.

One more game on this trip, and a win tomorrow would mean a winning record on the trip.

Lugo watch - 2 for 3 - up to .233

Coco watch - 0 for 4 - down to .273

Drew watch - 3 for 5 - up to .259

♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.

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