Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 132 Recap


Press PassBox Score Play - by - PlayGame Recap
New York20001020X570
W: A. Pettitte (12-7) L: D. Matsuzaka (13-11) S: M. Rivera (21)
HR ➢ Bos: M. Ramirez (20), J. Varitek (12) NYY: D. Jeter (9), J. Damon (9)

☼ Sun - Damon - Two run home run in the seventh seals the deal.
☁ Cloud - Matsuzaka - once again he gives up home runs in a close game that causes the loss.

Game thoughts!

Daisuke continued his troubles against the Yankees. This time the offense did not bail him out. Daisuke started off the game by giving up two runs in the first. A problem that he has had too many times this year reared its head right away.

After allowing a single to Damon and a excuse me swinging bunt ground out by Jeter he walked Bobby Abreu. The very next pitch was to the rib cage of A-Rod and the bases were suddenly loaded with only one out. Another excuse me swing led to a force out at second with Damon scoring and then Posada doubled down the left field line to score Abreu. The Sox were immediately in the hole and would never get the lead.

High lights for the Sox were the home runs hit by Manny and Varitek. In between those bombs was a lead off triple by Lugo, who scored on Papi's SF in the third. Papi's rbi tied the game at two and Varitek's home run tied the game at three (Jeter's home run in the fifth being the difference). So, the Sox kept on coming back but could not get the lead as Pettitte just refused to give any ground. Still, I would rather be seven games up instead of games down.

Factoid - since 2003 the record in Red Sox / Yankee games is 44-45 Yankees (including tonights game). During that time period the Yankees lead the Sox 15 - 12 in August and September.

Lugo watch - 1 for 4 - up to .240

Coco watch - 0 for 4 - down to .270

Drew watch - 0 for 4 - down to .259

♊ - Morbid and creepifing I can handle as long as we do it quiet like.

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