Saturday, August 11, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 115 Recap


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W: J. Hoey (1-0) L: H. Okajima (3-1)

☼ Sun - Markakis - S.F. for the walk off win
☁ Cloud - Drew - would be easy to give it to Gagne, but his misplay of Huffs double really set up the blown save

Game thoughts!

So, basically after the first inning Matsuzaka matched the future Cy Young winner pitch for pitch, and then the Sox finally get to Bedard in the eighth to set him up for the win. What the frag went wrong? Gagne has been horrible since he became a Sox. He needs to get his stuff together so that we can count on him in these situations.

Tough loss, a four run lead in the eighth goes up in smoke and Hideki looked human in the ninth after the Sox had failed to score in the ninth. Missed opportunities and of course the Spankees faced the Indians who decided they should just freaking choke. Arrrrrgggghhhhh.

Lugo watch - 2 for 5 - up to .230

Coco watch - 1 for 4 - down to .276

Drew watch - 0 for 0 with a walk - maintained .254

♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.

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