Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 112 Recap


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W: J. Speier (1-2) L: C. Schilling (6-5) S: F. Rodriguez (28)

☼ Sun - Izturis - lead off home run in the seventh sealed the deal.
☁ Cloud - Moss - he threw to the wrong base in the fourth and his juggle meant he had no chance to throw the insurance run out at the plate.

Game thoughts!

Schilling pitched ok, nothing spectacular, but not lousy either. Six strong innings of only two runs will normally get a pitcher a win, just not last night. The reason - 11 men lob. You can not expect to win every game when you are not scoring and leaving a ton of men on base.

What the frag was Manny thinking in the fourth? I know you felt like the umpire missed the call, but you can not get thrown out of the game.

Lugo watch - 1 for 4 - up to .227

Coco watch - 0 for 4 - down to .277

Drew watch - 3 for 4 - up to .252

♊ - all else fails get a bigger hammer.

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