Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nfl Week 9 picks

OMG, able to post my NFL picks on a Saturday. Have made the picks will have more on reasons why later. Right now I am too busy watching the LSU Tennessee game.

Updated: through week 8 am 59 and 55. Very few surprises this week but all reasons stated after the picks.

Week 9 Games
St. Louis- 2 1/2Kansas CitySt. Louis
Chicago- 13 1/2MiamiChicago
New Orleans- 1 1/2Tampa BayNew Orleans
Jacksonville- 9 1/2TennesseeTennessee
Atlanta- 5 1/2DetroitAtlanta
Baltimore- 3 1/2CincinnatiCincinnati
Dallas- 3 1/2WashingtonDallas
Buffalo- 3 1/2Green BayGreen Bay
NY Giants- 13 1/2HoustonNY Giants
Minnesota- 6 1/2San FranciscoMinnesota
San Diego- 12 1/2ClevelandSan Diego
Pittsburgh- 2 1/2DenverDenver
New England- 2 1/2IndianapolisIndianapolis
Seattle- 8 1/2OaklandOakland

Why I picked whom I picked.

St. Louis - covered every home game this year. KC has covered 1 of 3 away.

Chicago - 100 % at home. Miami - has not covered any game

New Orleans - 100 % on the road but Tampa Bay has covered 75% of their home games. I think this is an upset special and have TB winning this one outright.

Jacksonville - 100% at home but Tennessee is 75% on the road. Vince Young has brought a new dimension to the Titans and Jacksonville is up and down this year, I look for this to be a 4-point game in Jacksonville's favor.

Atlanta and Detroit are both 66% against the spread in this situation, but Detroit is just terrible. I want to see the pictures, Millen must have pictures hidden somewhere to be able to keep his job in the motor city.

Baltimore and Cincinnati are also evenly split against the spread (66%) but I just like Cincinnati's offense. Another close game but the Ravens win by 3.

Dallas is 50 % on the road and Washington is 33 % at home. Revenge is the big motivator here and I look for the Cowboys to win going away.

Buffalo is terrible at home (33 %) while Green Bay plays well on the road. Another upset special as I see the Packers winning by a touchdown.

NY Giants over Houston - Houston is terrible, need I say more?

Minnesota is 66 % on the road and San Fran is 50 % at home. Would think this could be a possible upset but I expect Minnesota to come out firing on all cylinders after being embarrassed by the Patriots. Minnesota wins by 2 touchdowns.

San Diego has covered all of its home games; Cleveland is terrible, tough choice here, yeah right. Chargers win in a rout.

How is Pittsburgh the favorite? Upset special, Denver wins by 7.

New England has only covered 33% of their games at home; Indianapolis is at 66 % coverage on the road. There is only one reason that New England is the favorite - Manning is 1 and 6 against the Pats. Make it 2 and 6 as the Colts win by a last second Vinetiari FG.

Seattle and Oakland are both covering 66 % of their games in this situation, Seattle is beat up and beat up and beat up, Oakland is on a two game winning streak that ends in Seattle on a last second FG.

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