Saturday, November 04, 2006


In a first for me, I actually posted entries about political mailings that have been received in the last couple of days. Normally, I stick to sports because left, right, moderate, or libertariandemocratic keep your eyes out of my bedroom and your hand out of my wallet (guess which one I am) types can all agree on our love of certain teams that we follow on a day by day basis, however, on the 7th we could see a shift in the politics of this nation not seen seen the 68 election when Nixon promised to end the War.

The Lieberman / Lamont battle is one of the races being watched nationwide and I know some people are wondering how in the heck he is winning this race by a 12 point margin (latest Journal Inquirer poll). Well, the mailings previously posted show why.

The McCain mailing is an outright attempt to get the republicans and conservative independents on his side, while the Daily Kos screw-em one is to get the blue-dog democrats (and there are plenty of them in CT) outraged. The Lamont one reminds me of the posters for Class president in high school.

What is really sad, is the person who clearly knew the issues and really mopped the floor in debates is the one in single digits. The republican party in CT is a complete disgrace that they couldn't get the demo's to split between Lieberman and Lamont while eking out a 1 or 2 point win in this election. What is even sadder is that they shouldn't be so freaking lost, not when 3 of the 5 congressional reps are GOP and while the Govenor is also a GOP.

As for me, I still haven't made up my mind on who I will vote for yet, but the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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