Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sox shut out of Gold Gloves

WEEI is saying that the Sox will be shut out of the Gold Gloves this year. Un freaking belivable. What is really upsetting is that Jeter beats out Gonzo. Lets go to the tape and compare the two fielding statistics:

Updated 11/3/2006 - changed to a table format
Jeter / Gonzalez Fielding Comparison

Take a good look at the last two columns of these stats, in range factor and zone rating Gonzalez is clearly better than Jeter. If you look at all the other stats and figure out per game it is even more apparent that Gonzalez is better. IN EVERY CATEGORY GONZO BEATS JETER. Un Freaking Belivable.


Neil H said...

Where is the column that records the fielding intangibles though?

I think you could sit down with every voter on the GG's and explain for the rest of your life how Jeter is the inferior defensive SS and it still wouldn't matter - as I read elsewhere, until Jeter pulls an A-Rod, he is the GG until retirement.

To quote you - un-freaking believable!

s1c said...

Its even worse when you look at the NL. Maddux at his age is the best fielding pitcher?